The Sleeping Rose - Scary Tales Series 3 Spiral Notebook - Ruled Line
The Sleeping Rose - Scary Tales Series 3 Spiral Notebook - Ruled Line
The Sleeping Rose - Scary Tales Series 3 Spiral Notebook - Ruled Line
The Sleeping Rose - Scary Tales Series 3 Spiral Notebook - Ruled Line
The Sleeping Rose - Scary Tales Series 3 Spiral Notebook - Ruled Line

The Sleeping Rose - Scary Tales Series 3 Spiral Notebook - Ruled Line

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Shopping lists, school notes or poems - 118 page spiral notebook with ruled line paper is a perfect companion in everyday life. The durable printed cover makes the owner proud to carry it everywhere.

Here is the tale that all know of the Sleeping Beauty Rose. The story goes that Rose was cursed to sleep for a hundred years and was to be woken from her sleep by a brave prince. The prince was able find her and to revive her but was killed by an evil fairy as they fled from her prison. They say that Rose in her sorrow put on a golden mask to hide her face, so the world would not see her sorrow.  Donned in riches and thick cloth dresses many a suitor came to woe Rose, lured towards her beauty that was reflected in the mask she wore and the riches in her possession. The sweet smell of roses would always waif from her body, making her true to her name sake. They say until she finds her new prince she would never age and never be happy.

But that is not the real story. While it was true that curse was placed on Rose, a sleeping curse was not it. The Fairy Queen herself placed the spell on Rose. It did put the child to sleep but it was a sleep of protection. You see the “fairy godmothers” where not benevolent at all as they had led others to believe. They had placed terrible curse on the baby when she was born to come into effect when the child turned 16 and disguised as blessing of eternal beauty. The curse was most defiantly eternal in nature but not that of beauty. Not they cursed her eternal life. It would leave Rose with an insatiable hunger, driving her to take the life of others for her own.

When the Prince found Rose lying in her room and kissed her, the spell of protection was broken and the real curse was activated. Lovely Rose opened her eyes and wrapped her arms around the Prince, returning his kiss. As they kissed, the kiss turned into something more... Something hungrier.  Roses flesh withered and rotted as she pulled the prince in closer to her. With a cry of agony and despair from the prince his flesh too began to shrivel and rot away leaving nothing but bone and dried out flesh. His pleading eyes locked with Roses as the spark in his eyes faded as his eyes sucked back into his skull as she consumed his soul.

The Fairy Queen arrived too late to save the Prince and tried to destroy Rose, but she too fell. With the help of her “Fairy Godmothers” Rose took the face of the Fairy Queen as her trophy in the form of a golden mask. Rose now bound to the curse eternal life has becoming a twisted thing of decay and death praying on those that are foolish enough to come within her grasp. Much to the glee of her Fairy Godmothers.

So now one by one the suitors come to woe her. And one by one she takes them back to her estate, and there they experience the unimaginable riches. Rich foods of endless supply and wealth beyond measure greet them. Once they professed their love to her, she would have them dismiss their servants letting them know they would want no more. Happily they would follow her to her chambers and past the thick tapestry hanging over the door and there she would remove her mask.

If they were observant enough they would notice a small tear form as Rose removed the mask. But more often than not it is the sight and smell of the rotting flesh falling from her face they notice or the bones scattered throughout the crypt that serves as her room. Before the shock could wear off Rose would grab them and give them a kiss like she did with her prince. The soft laughter from her Fairy Godmothers would mix in her suitors screams as she sucked the life and soul out of them, binding them to her for all eternity.

.: 118 ruled line pages (59 sheets)
.: Front cover print
.: Black back cover

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