Adventures with Manu! - Day Three

So it is the last day of Toronto Comic Con 2018 and I still had three autographs to get! Missed out on them the day before and today was the last day to get them. 

Told my helper [Aka Mommy In Law] that I would be back and picked up a few t-shirts and my orginals and headed off to the autograph lines first thing. I got there and then found out that they would not be out for at least another half hour so back to my booth I went! LOL!

I swear each time that I took off to go have my adventures I saw a look of panic in her eyes! hahaha!

The first person I got to see was Marina Sirtis :) I do so love my Star Trek! I could not figure out if I wanted to draw her as Troi or as Demona so I went with a mix of the two and she loved it! Got talking with her about some of the Halmark movies she as been in. The good and the bad :) She also loved her T-shirt :) 

Now it was off to Kristian Narn- Or as most people know him Hodor from Game of Thrones :) And I have to say - OMG he is huge! I mean really huge in a cuddly giant teddy bear way :) What surprised me the most about meeting him was the Tattoos. He has a lot of them including some stars on the side of his face. I was really anxious to see how he was going to react to the Had one Job - Nailed it drawing that I did. Turns out he has a great sense of humour and he laughed :) 

My mission was a success! Now for the last one on my list Manu.. Aka. Deathstroke from CW The Arrow. As I was waiting in line I got to talking to the couple in front of me.. It was a young girl with a crush on him and her mother. They told me to go ahead of them as the younger was not quite ready to meet him yet. 

So just before I was to meet him I looked at her mother and she at me and I stepped back and her mother pushed her to meet him, hahahaha it was pretty funny, and I don't think she was too upset about it :) 

As I was talking to him on my turn I told him I had a T-shirt for him and he was honest and said he was picky on his shirts and if he could look at it. Which is fine I completly understand.. I showed it to him and he loved it :) But the T-shirts I brought [xl-xxl] where to big for him *Face Palm* He asked if I had a smaller one so he could give one to his daughter and I said I would be happy to bring one over and gave him the XL. As I was leaving he asked if he could get a smaller one since I was coming back and if I could come back in an hour :) 

Sure I said No problem and waved to him and his handler... and back to my booth I went to give my helper the bad news.. I would be leaving the booth again! 

Time rolls around and off I run again.. T-shirts in hand.. off to see Manu :) This time I got to cut the line so I was very happy for that :)  Once I got up to see him I presented him with both of the T-shirts of which he was very happy to get ;) He then said come back in an hour and lets do a photo shoot of both of us wearing the T-shirts :) 

I mean who could turn that down! So I said sure..knowing full well when I got back to the booth i was going to get some groans! Of which I did get along with a "They came by again and you where gone talk :)"

While at my booth I made up little signs saying please feed me and I do not bite to see who was looking at my booth :) I also noticed that the booth across from me was taking pictures and decided to have some fun with photo bombing their pictures :) hehehehe.. That was fun!

An hour later I left donning the matching T-Shirt to go to my photo op :) Manu forgot his and sent someone to go get it, and even told me how to pose :) Hahahaha! I had a great time! 

So to summarize I had a great time, meet some great people and had a general blast! Did you go and what was your best memory from it?

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