Custom orders


Custom orders are when you ask me to make something special just for you! It is a one of a kind piece and quite frankly I love to do them! I love to make your dreams a reality!

Now I do have to admit, I have yet to get stumped on a request. But lets be honest - someone out there is finally going to find something that I can't draw! *gasp* But I will give it my best shot!

So this is how custom orders work!

  1. Select the type of custom work you want me to do and then pay for it
  2. I will contact you to go over what your looking for 
  3. If there are any adjustments needed to pricing I will go over that for you

Up until this point if you decide that you do not wish to continue with the custom order I will cancel your order and refund you 100% as at this time no work has yet to be done :) 

  1. We agree on what your looking for and I will make a pencil sketch of your vision
  2. I will send you the pencil sketch to get your approval and make any changes to it that are needed. 
  3. Once you give you stamp of approval I will color it in and get it ready to either be attached to a product [like a t-shirt or mug] or have the drawing ready to go to you. 
  4. I will send you an email of the finished product

Now if we get here to these steps and I cannot seem to draw what your looking for [of which I really do try to give you what you want!] I will gladly refund 50% of the cost of the order and we can both part ways happy! [After all it does take time to make the drawings]

I hope I never have to do that, but life does happen :) I do try my best to make something you will cherish and love!  So if you have any other questions on how it works please feel free to contact me and I will happily let you know!

~Nic Da Stick