FAQ - Ask the Kitties!

Q - It says it cannot ship to me... What gives??

A - By all means there should be shipping to anywhere in the world and if this happens to you please send me a quick message and I can take a look into it for you. After all I had my cats help me set this up and well.. let's just say they are all paws. 

Q - Why is the shipping so high in some cases?

A - Good question! That is because most things have tracking for you, so you know where all your goodies are all the time :) Also if you buy multiple items of the same type.. eg. Stickers or T-shirts the shipping cost becomes lower for each item added :) [Helpful hint!]

Q - Hey Why does some of the T-shirts say Canadian or Us Vendor?? What gives??

A - Ok.. here it is .. because of the ...*gasp* COVID virus, getting things accrous the border can be a pain in teh @ss! So.. if your Canadian you want a Canadian vendor.. and same if your US use a US vendor so you don't get hung up at the border! *total pain in the @sss!!!

Q - I see a cool design on a print or on a T-shirt or sticker but I don't see it on anything else and I would really love it on xxxx item. 

A - That is a really good question and I would be more then happy to make that product for you! All you need to do is drop me a line and then Vola! Product! [I love drawing more so then site maintenance so once in a while I miss something! Sorry!]

Q - What is with all the cats? 

A- I will leave that one for the cats to answer....Merow..meow...purrrrrr...

Q - Hey can you make me a T-shirt or a mug.. or whatever!!!???

A - Oh I loooove this question! Your darn tooting I can :) I promise at some point to add it to the custom work available .. but as stated before.. I tend to spend more time drawing them site maintenance.. Sorry again! Just Email me and I will let you know the costs! I have made many in the past and I love.. love...love custom work!

Q - Hey I ordered something and I never got it! What gives!

A - Dang it ...damn mail trolls ate it again.... if that happens send me a quick message and I will dispatch the exterminators to find out what happned.. in most cases if everything checks out I will resend the item. I am pretty sure mail trolls are related to the trolls that live in your dryer and eat you one sock.. but I have no proof to this. 

Q - I ordered xxxxx item and it looks like an elephant sat on it or it was dropped on my doorstep with out a parachute from a great height!

A - If you do receive and item from me and it has been damaged or a misprint, my cats and myself would kindly ask that you send me pictures clearly outlining the damage to the product and I can arrange for a replacement to come to you! Unfortunate I do not have control over the mail elephants once the package is in the mail. I do try my best to insure that the product can survive said elephant but sometimes it does not work! Again another Sorry! And sorry I am Canadian.. it is our thing :)