Toronto Comic Con 2018 - Day One

Day One

Welcome to Toronto Comic Con! I have been to many a Con, but usually I am working for someone else. What makes this one so special is this is my first 'Big Con' as my humble twisted self!

Took a little bit to figure out how I wanted my booth to look and realized I brought way to much stuff! LOL oh well :) I think it turned out pretty good! For a vendor I was there for 12 for set up and the Con opened to the public at 4PM. Lots of time! .. never enough time!

 So my big adventure on day one was going to meet Kristy Swanson..and for those of you who do not know who she is .. She is the actress who played the 'Original Buffy The Vampire  Slayer' from the movie :) One of my all time favorites!

 After talking with her on Instagram and Facebook I realized that there where a few errors in my drawing due to bad online info :) Did you know her eye colour is really green not brown? And that she does not have a bare belly in the movie poster but it is a light orange body suit :) I didn't either :) So I made her a special trading card with the changes in it :)

Original Buffy Trading Card

 So once things where up an running it was time to go see Kristy! I could hardly wait! And I will tell you she is an amazingly nice person! What a wonderful personality! She absolutely loved the T-shirt and the Trading card that I gave her and even posed for a picture with the shirt! 

                        Original Buffy Signed

She even signed my original drawing "My Secret Weapon is PMS!" How cool is that! Another day has now come to pass and it is time to head off! Until day two!

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