Toronto Comic Con 2018 - Day Two

Day Two
Another day for a wonderful con! Made sure I had everything I needed for the day.. left a few things the day before and about an hour into the con I realized I left my portfolio case at home an hour and half away! The worst part is I had order in it for loyal fans for the #ComicConProject from last years Fan Expo! But with luck my trusty hubby drove all the way to Toronto and dropped it off! My day was saved! 
When I ducked out of the convention center I heard a guy with a megaphone saying that we where all going to hell.... I am pretty sure it was aimed at all the wonderful Cosplayers that where there to have fun.. Seriously though, why do people do that? 
I got to meet a lot of great people and even got to hear a few funny stories :) And here are a few to share :) 

Mary Harrison Manu Story

I put together this Lucretia cosplay from Spartacus to meet Manu Bennett on Saturday and, for those of you who haven't seen the show, his character is essentially Lucretia's gladiator slave/lover >.>

ANYWAY so I get to the booth and the handler loves my cosplay so much she give me a free selfie (see profile picture. Awesome, right? And then Manu turns and sees me and says, I shit you not, "Lucretia! Are we going to do it right here on the table?" 

Of course I'm at a complete loss for words and his handler is looking at him like o___o and hes just goes, "What? That's the only time she ever shows up!" And then turns back to me and says, "What can I do for you, my Domina?"

Of course by now I'm just like what is even happening and his handler's like I think you broke her xD xD And to top off this entire encounter he asks if we're taking a selfie and seeing my trash phone adds, "with that??" And I'm over here like its fine itll work xD xD Cut to this photo op where I'm awkward as fuck because this man winked at my in the line and then continued to refer to me as Lucretia during the photo op Jesus fucking Christ (and oh yeah this pose was his suggestion and I was super awkward because I cant turn in this dress without picking all of it up)

Ok this is getting super long so let me cap this with I went to see him the next day, got this photo signed, managed to be an actual articulate human being and thank him for Saturday annnd he really liked my Joker cosplay and that's the story of how Manu Bennett ruined me in 3 seconds flat xD xD


She said when she got home and her mom asked her how the costume went she was going to say do I have a story to tell you! Lol to quote her "The outfit was worth every penny!"

Dark Matter Story with Joseph Mallozzi aka @BaronDestructo

The later that day I had a wonderful guy and gal who stopped by and they where looking at my Dark Matter stuff.. I started talking to them about how the show was cancelled and the Twitter storm for it and for The one to get Stargate back and hopefully get a mini series to finish Dark Matter.. So he goes to me at one point and says 'I am BaronDistructo' Aka the creator of Dark Matter! LOL how cool is that! 
I am pretty sure he got flustered when I asked him to sign one of my originals.. He did ended up signing the original drawing that I did for the Dark Matter Twitter storm! And his girlfriend even posted this super cute picture of her pug with the Dark Matter mug they bought!
Dark Matter Pug Mug
So as the day was winding down I left my poor mother-in-law in my booth to fed for herself again and headed over to the autograph area! I wanted to see Mariana aka Troi. I was so happy it was a short line only to find out that she was leaving for a break and would be back later... oh poo! 
So I went back to my booth and then back at the end of the day only to have missed her completely! But it was not all wasted though :) I did get to speak to the actor who played the Chief from the new Wonder Woman Movie, 

Eugene Brave Rock. He was a really nice guy to chat with:) 

And that is it.. end of the day time to head back home and get ready for day three!

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