Pokemon Horror Mashup Compotation

Pokemon Horror Mashup Compotation

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Cannot figure out what Horrorchu is your fav? Well now you don't have to! You can get all of them in one awesome print!

Front - Left to right

Sawchu [Jigaw - Saw], Screamchu [Ghostface - Scream], Virachu [Elvira - Mistress of the dark], Freddychu [Freddy - Nightmare on Elm Street], Samarchu [Samara - Ring]

Middle row

Annachu [Annabelle], Jasonchu [Jason - Fri. 13th], Hannachu [Hannabal Lector - Silence of the Lambs], Chuckychu [Chucky - Childs Play]


Pennychu [Pennywise - IT], Myerschu [Michael Myers -Halloween], Pinchu [Pinhead - Hellraiser], Terrorchu [Terrorizor]

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