Repunsssssil - Scary Tales Series 2

Repunsssssil - Scary Tales Series 2

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While pregnant with her baby, Repunsssills mother did steal from the Witches garden and found out that her baby was cursed for her transgressions. The child was born disfigured and snake like, and due to this the babe was set upon by the villagers intent to kill it. Fearful for her daughters life the mother ran into the woods with her babe to live in peace under the ruins of an old tower.

But peace did not last for them, for as the child grew so did it's monstrous nature. So much so, that her mother could not let her live. But she could not bring herself to slay her child. So instead she put her in the top of a tower and sealed her there to starve to death while she fled. Years later she heard of a people disappearing in the woods after hearing a sirens song. Repunsssilll had found a way indeed to stay alive, still trapped in the tower, but never hungry!


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